Moderate or seasoned climbers, look for best outdoor rock climbing in Texas

There are numerous spots for rock climbing in Texas, including popular spots and cities that are remote, but beautiful regions. There are indoor gyms offering rock climbing, while there are many favorite best outdoor rock climbing in Texas that is also highly popular.

Barton Creek Greenbelt
This is a setting for urban rock climbing for city slickers wishing for some climbing. It is located near downtown Austin. Throughout the Barton Creek Greenbelt, there are more than 30 climbing routes and you can also find a limestone rock piece to explore. The locals have named it ‘the greenbelt’ and this area is for hikers, swimmers, and bikers, as well, when the water level is high. The Seismic Wall is the popular limestone cliff to climb.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
This climbing area is renowned for its outdoor recreation. Visitors in thousands explore this area to hike up and camp Enchanted Rock, the granite dome. However, it is also an amazing rock climber’s destination, for people enjoying crack and slab climbing. If you are a beginner, you will find many unique climbing options here. Enchanted Rock Fissure is a steep and challenging cave ideal for seasoned climbers.

Franklin Mountains State Park
Franklin Mountains State Park facilitates camping, making it ideal for weekend stay. Reach flying to El Paso or drive from Texas City. This State Park features McKelligon Canyon and Sneed’s Cory as climbing areas.

Tonkawa Falls
Tonkawa Falls is ideal for challenging and bouldering routes. There are varying difficulties that climbers of all types will enjoy at Tonkawa Falls, located near Waco, a perfect day out. This area offers climbing sports along Tonkawa Creek and limestone climbing. There is the advantage of solitude as it is very rarely crowded.

Eisenhower State Park
Eisenhower State Park is suitable for bouldering and a day trip, located north of Dallas. Climbers will find the routes suitable for beginners and there is enough for advanced climbers as well. You can find a mix of limestone and sandstone, so enjoy brittle holds and without fail do carry some crash pads.

Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway
Near Fort Worth or Dallas, climbers can hit for moderate climbing routes at Mineral Wells State Park. The climbing area is small here but allows seeing a lot of action. This sandstone spot of climbing has 20 to 40 feet, nearly 30 routes and as it is sandstone rock, it is recommended for top-rope climbing.

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